Cheek Augmentation

Whether or not we notice it consciously, full cheeks are often a part of how we judge a person’s face. Cheek implants can have a major impact on the appearance and self-confidence of patients whose cheeks have thinned or sunken due to age, illness, or other causes. Implant sizes and shapes are tailored to each patient’s desired appearance.

This procedure is commonly recommended in conjunction with rhinoplasty (nose surgery) in order to achieve a more satisfying facial proportion. It may also be combined with chin implants for maximum aesthetic results.

Dr. Petroff has many years of experience performing successful cheek augmentation surgeries for his patients. His interest in design and architecture come into play as he provides you with a natural-looking result that gives your face better overall facial proportion.

Ideal candidates for cheek implants are those who have lost fullness in the face with age or have always desired a stronger cheek bone definition. Patients who have previously used temporary, injectable fillers for their cheeks and liked the results, but desire a more permanent solution are good candidates. As with all procedures, you should be in good health and have realistic expectations. A consultation with Dr. Petroff is needed prior to scheduling the procedure to determine your candidacy.

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How is cheek augmentation performed?

The cheek implant procedure generally takes less than an hour to complete and will be performed using local anesthesia with intravenous sedation. The incision is made in the mouth where your cheek meets the gums, and a pocket is created for the implant.

Implants are selected both for size and shape to meet your needs.

What is recovery from cheek augmentation like?

Recovery varies from patient to patient, but most people experience some slight soreness and tightness of the cheeks, as well as some swelling or bruising. You will be instructed to stick to a soft diet and rinse your mouth after eating. This will help to keep your sutures clear of debris.

If you experience pain, you may be prescribed pain medicine, but it is often not necessary for more than a few days, if at all. In addition, antibiotics may be prescribed to reduce the risk of infection.

How long does cheek augmentation last?

Cheek implants are permanent.

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