Asian Eyelid & Nasal Surgery

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is the most common elective procedure among people of Asian ethnicity in the United States and in Asia. Cosmetic surgery of the nose is another commonly performed procedure for this population. As is the case with any group, Asian patients choose to undergo eyelid and/or nasal surgery for many reasons.

Eyelid surgery can thin a full eyelid, alter the shape or height of the upper or lower eyelid, decrease a pronounced epicanthal fold (the flap of tissue on the nasal side of the eyelid), or create a natural-looking crease. Nasal surgery can change the shape of the nose by correcting a hump, straightening or narrowing the nose, changing the angle between the nose and mouth, and altering the nasal tip.

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A common misconception is that these surgeries are performed to “Westernize” the face in an attempt to look “less Asian.” While each person’s reasons for having surgery are unique, this kind of cultural dissatisfaction is almost never a factor. Rather, the overall goal is to help the patient look and feel his or her best by changing the eyelid and/or nasal shape to achieve a more attractive or younger look, balance the facial features, and boost self-confidence.

The procedure itself varies depending on the techniques used, as well as the patient’s goals and eyelid anatomy. An incisional approach is usually taken for double eyelid surgery, in which the skin and sometimes muscle are trimmed and some fat may be removed. In some cases, particularly for lower eyelid surgery, a transconjunctival (minimally invasive) approach is possible.