A Full Service Medical Spa in Your Neighborhood

The Petroff Center MedSpa is not your typical medical spa; we’re a medically inspired, result-oriented spa with a full menu of non-surgical treatments designed to not only enhance your looks, but also promote healing.

Our medical spa provides only high quality, medically-proven treatments, and we’re dedicated to focusing all our attention on every patient’s individual needs and aesthetic goals. Unlike many medical spas where the leading physician is off-site and only visits on occasion, Dr. Petroff is located in the same facility, and he works closely with our medical spa and oversees all of the work performed by our staff.

Every single staff member you’ll work with in our medical spa is dedicated to making your experience as positive and comfortable as possible. The estheticians in our medical spa are dually trained as medical assistants who can provide wound care and pre- and post-operative teaching for our patients. Our medical spa uses some of the most advanced equipment and technology for our treatments, allowing us to treat a wide range of conditions from hyperpigmentation, redness, acne, excess hair, signs of aging, and more.

These treatments can be done alone, or combined with surgical procedures to further enhance their results.

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A Variety of Treatments

You’ll be able to choose from a diverse collection of our treatments—all nonsurgical and requiring little to no downtime.

Skin Treatments

Renew and rejuvenate your skin by removing the damaged outer layers and all the surface imperfections that come with it.

Clinical Laser Treatments

Our laser treatments can reach deep into your skin, triggering a healing process that renews your skin while eliminating flaws and blemishes.

Spa Services

Our medical spa offers a variety of spa services that can help you look absolutely breathtaking and flawless.

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