At Petroff Center, Dr. Petroff personally administers all injectables. This way, you are assured that you have an expert facial surgeon determining your dosages and injection locations. Using these products, he works much like a sculptor to contour your face for a natural-looking result that helps you look younger fast.

We provide the following injectables and fillers, which have been tested and approved by Dr. Petroff.

BOTOX® Cosmetic

When you smile, laugh, frown, or look puzzled, you contract the muscles of your face. Over time, these contractions produce permanent furrows and deep wrinkles in the skin, especially around the eyes and mouth, between the eyebrows, and on the forehead. These lines can make you look older, sad, angry, or tired, even when your face is at rest.

Botox treatments can not only prevent you from deepening these lines during natural facial movements, they can also erase these marks of aging, leaving you looking younger and refreshed. Treatment is a simple, non-surgical procedure that smooths the deep, persistent lines of the forehead, crow’s feet, and the lines between your brows. One 10-minute treatment – a few tiny injections – relaxes the muscles that cause those lines to form and keeps them relaxed up to six months.

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Juvéderm is an injectable gel that gently reverses many signs of aging in the face, including fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, thinning lips, and loosening skin. It can also “plump up” the lips, sculpt the cheeks, and restore a youthful, oval shape to the face.

It is made with hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body that works with collagen and elastin to give volume and support to the skin. Because it is non-animal-based and highly biocompatible, no pre-treatment testing is needed.

Juvéderm comes in three formulas optimized for the depth of the area being treated. Results last about 6-9 months and can be made to last even longer with a simple follow-up treatment a few weeks after the initial injection.

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Voluma® XC

Voluma XC is an injectable hyaluronic acid gel engineered to be placed in the cheek and midface region to restore a more youthful contour and subtly lift the cheek tissues.

A more youthful appearance can be retained for up to two years with optimal treatment volumes. Dr. Petroff can even use this non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment to achieve an effect similar to cheek augmentation with implants.

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Volbella is the first FDA-approved lip filler that specifically addresses “perioral lines”, also known as smoker lines. This filler can also reduce the appearance of fine lines around the mouth, enhance the lip shape and improve lip volume for soft, natural-looking lips.

Women and men with naturally thin lips who want to add volume and moisture to their lips can benefit from Volbella. The filler adds a nice silky sheen finish to the lips, an effect that is rarely seen from other lip fillers.

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Juvéderm Vollure is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler created to treat moderate to severe wrinkles and folds present in the mid-face area. Vollure can diminish marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and rejuvenate the lower face.

Vollure is a product of Vycross technology and has a molecular weight mix specific for the mid-face with moderate to sever lines and folds. Results from Vollure for the treatment of wrinkles and lines can last for up to 18 months.

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