5 Things You Should Be Doing for Your Skin in Your 20s

The 20s are a golden time for skin. Often, teenage acne has faded and the skin looks bright and youthful. When your skin looks great on its own, it can be difficult to worry about skincare, but make it a habit now. Taking care of your skin in your 20s will keep your skin looking great in your 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond.

Use Sunscreen Every Single Day

Sun exposure is a primary cause of wrinkles and brown spots, accounting for 80% of your skin’s aging. What can you do to prevent premature aging? Limit your skin’s exposure to UV rays as much as you can. An uncomplicated way to dramatically cut back on sun exposure is consistent sunscreen use. Wear a high quality, SPF 30+ sunscreen every day. Apply it to any areas that aren’t covered by clothing. Be generous; most people don’t use enough. For your face alone, you need a nickel sized dollop. Indoors or outside, rain or shine, daily sunscreen use is a healthy skin habit you should start now.

Remember, Your Hands, Neck, and Chest are Skin Too

Many of our patients take excellent care of their face, but neglect other areas like the hands, neck, and chest. As they get older, they start to see dramatic aging on these forgotten areas. Give these areas the same TLC that you give to your face.

Is it Time to Start Botox?

During your 20s, you may start to see small lines and wrinkles developing from repetitive facial movements, like lines between the brows. Before these wrinkles set in, you may want to consider Botox. This treatment relaxes the muscles that cause these wrinkles, allowing the skin to smooth and the wrinkles to fade. Many patients are ready for Botox by their mid to late 20s. Treating the wrinkles sooner may keep deep lines from ever developing. Early Botox can also help train facial muscles to stop making the wrinkle causing movements.

Get More Sleep

If you want better skin in your 20s, get more sleep. Make sure you’re getting at least 7 hours a night for optimal skin health. The skin regenerates while you sleep, not getting enough can leave your skin looking dull and drab. Your skin isn’t the only thing that will appreciate a little more shut eye. Getting enough sleep has positive benefits for your health overall, you’ll look better and you’ll feel better too.

Cleanse, Moisturize, Repeat

When it comes to skin, a little care goes a long way. At a minimum, you should be cleansing and moisturizing every day. Use high quality skin care products, formulated for your skin type. We can help you with product recommendations for both skincare products and makeup.

Your skin is naturally beautiful in your 20s, but if you want it to stay that way, start taking care of your skin now. These tips will help keep you looking your best.

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