5 Great Local Hair Salons

Good hair care is vital to looking your best and feeling confident. Here are five great local hair salons that will leave your hair looking better than ever before:

1. Mascola’s Salon:

Mascola’s Salon takes pride in being home to five generations of hair and beauty expertise.

2. Salon Lavonne:

Salon Lavonne stays up-to-date with the latest changes in hairstyles and products to provide the best service.

3. The Ritz Salon:

Ritz Salon has created an indulgent experience for their clients in a beautiful, upscale salon.

4. Dosha Salon Spa:

Dosha Salon believes it’s a privilege to provide their guests with the highest quality in service and products.

5. Bella Lena Salon:

Bella Lena supports a cleaner, greener salon with eco-friendly products and sustainable business practices.


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